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meteor detection using video

In January 2021 I set up a meteor video detection camera. The camera that I used was a Watec 902-H ultimate cam housed into a waterproof CCTV enclosure with dew control. The details of the complete set up were followed using the detailed instructions provided by UKMON and UK NEMETODE groups who are both operate a network of meteor detection cameras that monitor the night sky continually and recording any meteor activity. 

The UKMON group are transitioning to a raspberry Pi based camera set up. The Raspberry pi set ups will work out cheaper and the analysis at the end of the night is not so arduous in comparion to the UFO capture software workflow. Full Details on how to set up a Raspberry Pi camera can be found by heading over to UKMON Meteor Camera | UK Meteor Network. 

The quality of the RaspPi cameras are far more superior than the Watec as you can see comparing the two videos posted above. The left hand videa if the Watec and thee right side being the Pi.. 


I have set my Raspberry Pi within its own enclosure and touch screen for a complete standalone system. 

At Black Cat we currently only have 1 camera set up to feed into the UKMON and GMN networks. We operate under Rhos_a UK001M. The camera is posistioned in a SW (220 degree) and the Google earth shots below show the area of coverage for the UK001M. We cover a portion of Wales and into Ireland but most of of detections are likely not to be landfall objects but splashing into the sea. Given this coverage I am considering a second camera  that would extend either to the South East or North East. This not only increases the number of detections but will allow for better cross over with other sites which is important to confirming observations and calculating the trajectories. 

UK001M -100KM.jpg
UK001M 25KM.jpg
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