meteor detection using video

In January 2021 I set up a meteor video detection camera. The camera that I am using is a Watec 902-H ultimate cam housed into a waterproof CCTV enclosure with dew control. The details of the complete set up were followed using the detailed instructions provided by UKMON and UK NEMETODE groups who are both operate a network of meteor detection cameras that monitor the night sky continually and recording any meteor activity. 

I would suggest that anyone wishing to set up their own meteor detection camera visits these groups for help and advice. They have documentation to help with the build and the software required for the analysis. and 

Currently the groups are looking at switching to raspberry Pi based camera set up with a more automated software and analysis. I am currently sourcing the parts to build a new pi based camera set up. Mark and Mary McIntyre wrote an article for the Sky at Night detailing the Raspberry Pi Setup so a search online will point you in the right direction for the article and the build. 

The video above is a compilation of the best meteors that have been detected to date over the last few months.