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Sturgeon Moon Aug 2022

2 panel Mosaic. Images on the Skywatcher 200pds Newtonian. ZWO ASI 183 colour cam.

Heart and Soul Nebula Mosaic PS editted-2
NLC June 2022 Great Orme
Wizard Nebula NGC 7380

Wizard Nebula in Cepheus. Imaged with L-Extreme filter

5th March 2022 Aurora

Aurora 5th March 2022 Great Orme, Llandudno

Orion Nebula M42

The Great Orion Nebula. Taken with L-Extreme Optolong filter

Penrhyn Bay Aurora Jan 2022
Monochrome Horsehead Nebula Mosaic

2 Panel Mosaic of the Horsehead nebula in the constellation of Orion

Bodes and Cigar Galaxy

My first HaRGB image. It was hard work to process and a learning curve.

Aurora Nov 2021-2
Great Orme aurora Oct 2021-5

Aurora display from the Great Orme. Oct 30th 2021. Fuji XT3. 15s ISO 1600. Processed in Lightroom. Expected activity after several solar flares and incoming earth facing X-Flare. Bz -8.0nT

Great Orme aurora Oct 2021-1
IC1396 6 panel mosaic

6 panel Mosaic of IC1396 in Cepheus

Elephant trunk nebula

Elephant Trunk Nebula with L-Extreme filter

Elephant trunk 2021
Startrails and NLCs
Eastern Veil Nebula
NGC2244 The core of the Rosette
Pleiades M45

Jonathen's Image of M45 Pleiades.

Western Veil Nebula

8 hours total integration time of 10 minute subs. Captured using the ZWO ASI 183 colour camera with Optolong L-Extreme filter.

Crescent Nebula Mosaic

2 Panel mosaic of 2 hours per panel consisting of 10 minute subs. All data captured using the ZWO ASI 183 colour cam with optolong L-extreme filter

Neowisewide 50mm2-1
Neowisewide -1
Farewell Hunter

ASI 071 Pro Colour.

Markarians Chain - Virgo

ASI 071 Pro Colour.

Leo Triplet.

ASI 183 pro mono

M81 and M82

The Bodes Galaxies. 12 million light years away in Ursa Major. First light with the William Optics GT81mm.


Jonathen Harty IC44 Horsehead Nebula first light of the Skywatcher Evostar 72ED.

Milky Way from Les Grange
Cygnus region of the Milky Way
Lunar Eclipse Sequence
Not quite Totality
Horsehead Nebula in Ha
IC1396 Elephant Trunk Ha November 2019
Bubble Nebula in Ha
Horsehead Nebula. iTelescope

Image by Tracey. The horsehead nebula taken using ITelescope remote scopes, Siding Spring, Australia.

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