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Hunting the Aurora under British Skies

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

It is no exaggeration when I say that my darkest days were brightened by seeking the Aurora. I could talk for hours and hours about my experiences and the many nights that I spent searching for the Northern Lights in the UK. I can never quite put it into words the sheer excitement of the chase and the pure beauty of when you see the green glow on the back of the camera. The Dynamics, the process and the chemistry of the Aurora fascinates me too. In terms of Astronomy, aside from the photography it is Space weather and the Earth's interaction that intrigues me. Now don't get me wrong, every aspect of astronomy is a wonder but I like to keep things grounded and never stray too far from home. Plus Earth, our Planet, is of utmost importance and understanding how Space is effecting us is relevant and I think is often overlooked. The aurora is beautiful, it is one of the most beautiful sights but it has a darker side that can bite us on the butt. I think this site will have a lot more aurora posts in the future.

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