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The Noctilucent cloud season

When the nights become light, there are always wanders to still be seen and one of those are noctilucent clouds. Noctilucent literally means luminous at night. These shimmering bright clouds occur during the months of June through to the beginning of September. They are actually ice crystals high in the atmosphere that form around dust and debris, possibly from pollutants and or meteorite dust, these particles act as a matrix upon which ice can form. At the correct angle from the setting sun the ice particles reflect the light causing the beautiful ice clouds to shine.

Alarm was set for 1am and after a reluctant get up, it paid off with a lovely display of Noctilucent clouds. Blurry eyed I wasn't sure if they were even there until I snapped a quick test shot. Sure enough there it was. Set up on the beach with the tide coming in we snapped away as the display brightened before being forced back by the incoming tide. A lovely still night and this seasons first NLC spot, happy

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