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Star Tracking across the Universe

On Sunday 24th May I gave a talk for the Cambrian Photography Virtual Photo and Optic show on how to use a star tracker to improve your astrophotography. The focus was mostly on the use and set up of the Sky Watcher star adventurer.

In the middle of the Covid-19 Global pandemic Cambrian Photography, whilst the UK is on lock down, were not phased and this certainly did not put a halt to their annual Photo and Optic show. The week was filled with virtual talks and demonstrations with a few of those talks focusing on nightscape and astrophotography. Being asked to present again after my live talk in 2018 was a shock and a privilege.

In 2018 I gave a talk on Astrophotography 101 where I discussed my own personal experiences and journey into Deep sky imaging. How I started off with just a DSLR and how very rapidly things progressed. I shared the lessons I learned and told it as it is, astrophotography isn't easy and isn't for those who are not patient. I wanted to move on a step from just an overview and be a little more practical in the approach. The decision to talk about the Star Adventurer was an easy choice. Knowing that a lot of the audience will already have DSLRs and other speakers were covering Nightscapes I knew it had to be how to take that a step further.

To be honest, I get into a fluster with public speaking and I spent the few days leading up preparing and psyching myself up. Anyway, things went well and the talk was well received. After talking for an hour and fifteen minutes I finally concluded and a sigh of relief and a swig of my G+T was enough to let me relax.

For all those who missed it, or would like to have an overview of how to use a star-adventurer then I have attached the video to the blog post. I have a decent bit about how to perform polar alignment which for anyone using an EQ mount or a star adventurer will have to master one day...unless of course you decide to use a polemaster or equivalent.

Please take a look, but importantly thank you to all at Cambrian for inviting me along.

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